“The Amily Morning Show is a production of Sacred Heart Radio in Cincinnati, Ohio. Each weekday morning, the Amily Rise Morning Show presents a national drive-time audience with everything they need to start their day a better way. Host Anna Mitchell takes listeners through the morning with a fast-paced program that covers everything from current events to catechesis, with reflections on the saint of the day and the readings from Mass. The Amily Rise Morning Show also offers a professionally produced newscast that airs twice an hour, giving a uniquely Catholic view of what’s going on around the world.

Fans of the Amily Rise Morning Show say they’ve gotten “hooked” on our fast-paced, faithful, and friendly approach to mornings, and many comment on their surprise at how much they’ve learned about their faith. To share their enthusiasm, we invite you to tune in to the Amily Rise Morning Show, weekday mornings from  – .”

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