Welcome to New in Berlin – P&B Club Radio, your ultimate destination for discovering the pulsating beats and innovative sounds that define the vibrant club scene of Germany’s capital city. Step into a world where electronic music reigns supreme, and the underground culture thrives, as we take you on a sonic journey through Berlin’s most exciting clubs and DJ sets.

Tune in to New in Berlin – P&B Club Radio and experience the driving force behind Berlin’s renowned nightlife. From legendary techno institutions like Berghain and Watergate to hidden gems and emerging venues, we bring you curated DJ sets, live recordings, and exclusive mixes that showcase the cutting-edge sounds and unparalleled energy of the city’s club culture.

Join us as we uncover the latest releases, remixes, and tracks from Berlin’s most talented DJs and producers. From deep house and minimal techno to experimental sounds and genre-defying beats, we celebrate the diversity and innovation that makes Berlin a global hotspot for electronic music.

Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of Berlin’s clubs as we bring you live recordings and captures from some of the most memorable nights in the city. Feel the collective energy of the crowd, as the music pulsates through your speakers, transporting you to the dancefloor and capturing the essence of Berlin’s renowned party spirit.

Stay informed about upcoming events, club nights, and music festivals happening in Berlin. We provide exclusive interviews and insights from local promoters, artists, and key figures in the electronic music scene, keeping you in the loop and offering a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes dynamics that make Berlin’s club scene so unique.

New in Berlin – P&B Club Radio is not just a radio station; it’s a hub for music enthusiasts and club-goers who are passionate about the vibrant electronic music culture of Berlin. Engage with fellow listeners, share your experiences, and immerse yourself in the shared love for the city’s thriving club scene.

Whether you’re a local Berliner looking for the next underground party or a visitor seeking the pulse of the city’s electronic music scene, New in Berlin – P&B Club Radio is your trusted companion. Let the station’s carefully curated mixes, live recordings, and exclusive tracks be your guide into the exhilarating world of Berlin’s clubs.

Join a community of electronic music lovers who tune in to New in Berlin – P&B Club Radio for their daily dose of cutting-edge beats and immersive sounds. Engage with like-minded individuals, discover new artists and venues, and let the music connect you to the vibrant club culture that defines Berlin.

Immerse yourself in the pulsating sounds of Berlin’s club scene with New in Berlin – P&B Club Radio, where each episode is a sonic exploration that captures the essence of the city’s vibrant nightlife. Let the radio station be your portal into the electrifying world of Berlin’s clubs, where the music becomes a driving force that unites people and creates unforgettable experiences.

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