Journey To Gragau



If you enjoyed “Journey to Tricon” by Allan Trenholm, you’ll for sure want to read the terrific sequel “Journey to Gragau – My trip to hell and back”.
Like “Tricon”, it contains all kinds of insights into the workings of the spiritual dimensions that surround us and the beings that inhabit them. A good one third of the book takes place in paradise, so its not all hellish!

Audio Book “Journey To Gragau” by Allan Trenholm.

Fascinating reading for all ages, this book could change your perspective on life, now and into eternity. This is the second in a series about what lies within the afterlife.

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Chapter 0. Forward

Chapter 1. The Horseman

Chapter 2. The Kingdom of the spirits

Chapter 3. The Sanctuary

Chapter 4. The border guards of Paradise

Chapter 5. Love sweet love

Chapter 6. Hell’s kitchen

Chapter 7. An evening in Paradise

Chapter 8. Elatia

Chapter 9. Oppression

Chapter 10. The Lord hath need

Chapter 11. Satan’s war for world domination

Chapter 12. Divine intervention

Chapter 13. The mission

Chapter 14. Becoming one in Gragau

Chapter 15. The market place

Chapter 16. The temple of death

Chapter 17. Descent into darkness

Chapter 18. Confronting the Lord of darkness

Chapter 19. A convincing ploy

Chapter 20. Heading home