Journey To Tricon

JOURNEY TO TRICON – My trip to heaven and back.


Audio Book “Journey To Tricon” by Allan Trenholm.

Fact or fantasy?-If this extraordinary account of one person’s journey into the spirit world and Heaven is true, as the author claims, then astounding events such as our planet has never experienced are about to transpire. Fascinating reading for all ages, this book could change your perspective on life, now and into eternity.

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About the author


Chapter 01. Arrival

Chapter 02. The temple of Tricon

Chapter 03. Jamal’s house

Chapter 04. Helios – The fiery stallion

Chapter 05. Dinner stories

Chapter 06. My new name

Chapter 07. Angel patrol

Chapter 08. Encounter with the enemy

Chapter 09. The great library

Chapter 10. Across the sky

Chapter 11. The Battle with Beelzebub

Chapter 12. Dreamtime travels

Chapter 13. Spirit helpers

Chapter 14. A close encounter

Chapter 15. Lambda One

Chapter 16. All aboard

Chapter 17. Flying saucers and the end of the world

Chapter 18. Heaven bound – The journey home

Chapter 19. Power supply

Chapter 20. Lambda’s secret

Chapter 21. Tube travel

Chapter 22. The grand tour

Chapter 23. Free choice

Chapter 24. The watchers

Chapter 25. Moonbeams

Chapter 26. Heavenly calculations

Chapter 27. Home at last

Chapter 28. Streets of gold

Chapter 29. Festival of the Prince of Peace