Christmas Audios

We hope you will enjoy these stories about Christmas and the wonderful holiday that it is. God bless you!



A Christmas Dinner A Christmas Love
A Special Breakfast A Timeless Gift
I’m Not Scrooge I’m Just Broke Martha’s Christmas Wonderland
Surprise Santa Tending the Home Fires
The Christmas Cookie Can The Lost Bowl
The Student Teacher What Goes Around Comes Around
A boy learns a lesson A good word for Santa
A Joyous Christmas A square Honest look
A star in the window A stress free Christmas
African gift 2 An African Queen
Angels from The realm of Glory Calming the storm of christmas
Christmas is for Love Christmas salvation prayer
Christmas tree Dear admiral
For our glory Gifts from Heaven
God’s gift Ideas for a joy filled Christmas
Known as love Lost Christmas
Love filled box My Christmas discovery
My greatest Gift Ready for Christmas
Saint Francia and the first manger scene The bethleham keeper
The Boy Who Changed my Christmases Forever The christmas list
The Day the Rumour Died The Hand of God
The real santa claus The spirit of giving
The three wise men Thither will i go
Whose birthday
So much to give The tapestry
Better the second time around The golden treasure of time
Career change Be positive
Forever friends Sunrise