Earthshaker Audiobook

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Earthshaker Audiobook


Earthshaker: The Coming Global Destruction” by John Benjamin is a new Bible prophecy book that will shake up even those who think they’re part of the “unshakeables.” Benjamin’s portrayal of what lies ahead is so spellbinding I dare not even hint at what he brings forth from Scripture. You’ll have to read it for yourself – and I recommend that you take a tranquilizer first! —-Dave MacPherson, author of “The Rapture Plot”


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You can also find the Earthshaker Audiobook CD-ROM for sale at:

Disc Format: CD-ROM / MP3 Files
Length: 7.4 Hours
Size: 418 MB / 14 Chapters
Written by: John Benjamin

Narrated by: Simon Peterson & Gregg Diamant

Cover Art by: David A. Hardy (

Language: English

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  1. Very inspiring, any plans of making a video out of it. I was also wondering how can I get a contact for End time Jo. Thanks Love FLo Can’t wait to get this out and hold seminars if possible on the subject. Wonderful work done. God bless you. You inspire me to get out there to get out the message.

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