Praise In Prayer

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Praise In Prayer



If you’re looking for more optimism and happiness in your life, partake of the uplifting and refreshing benefits of directing praises to the Lord through these conveniently short prayers of praise.

Find the Daily Reflections for sale at:

Disc Format: CD-ROM
File Format: MP3 Files
Length: 8 Hours
Size: 441 MB / 365 audio tracks
Language: English

This CD-ROM contains a
Full Year of the Praise in Prayer recordings. – 365 in all

3 Responses to “Praise In Prayer”

  1. Simon Dibya says:

    Radioactive production programs have inspired my spirit, healed my soul and taught about about end times (nighty light on Alpha FM) special thanks to the founder of radioactive production and the same time presenter of this program.

  2. Blessed richard mugerwa says:

    Ithank God for Simon Peterson, am real inspired by Night light and Get Activated. Simon, God bless you! In JESUS’ Name! Amen

  3. “Praise In Prayer |” honestly
    got me simply addicted with your webpage! I reallydefinitely will be back again considerably
    more regularly. Thanks a lot ,Rosalie

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